Gear Vs Everything Else

I’m a gear head by nature. I love mechanical things. I love sculpture and industrial design. Cameras of the 20th century were mechanical marvels. Lots of tiny parts assembled to work synchronous with each other to divide fractions of a second multiple times. Or sometimes they were simple levels and fulcrum. I could talk about gear for hours. If film become obsolete I would still appreciate and collect film cameras.

Gear can get in the way of photographing, but more often than not for gear heads it can get you out there shooting in places you might not otherwise explore just to be out taking photos. That’s the nice side of it. The not so nice side is you can spend more time worrying about the gear you want than using the gear you have. For the most part I’ve been GAS free for almost a year. It feels good. There’s gear out there I want, sure, but I’m not preoccupied with it.

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